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Welcome. This blog is an expressive outlet for myself, Suave Guy. Owned and operated by myself, I seek to provide reading content that is diverse in subject matter, well thought out and articulated, and all done while keeping it real and in good faith.

The content presented on this blog is intended to be thought provoking and push the boundaries of the status quo. That said, the content or the view points portrayed do not intend to stand for the absolute truth, but rather be a starting point for dialogue between me and my readers.

What I aim to achieve here is to give insight from a young male's perspective, and using that to build a rapport with my readers, both male and female. Not only do I want to hear from my male readers that can relate to the same experiences, problems, and small victories that I have, but also hear from my female readers to see how my perspectives presented here relate to their own experiences and expectations. Not only do I want to help guide my male readers into becoming better, more refined men, but also build a safer bridge between men and women so that both groups can become more understanding, appreciative, and empathetic towards each other.

None of the material here constitutes opinions that are set in stone. I believe all of us are always learning new things and taking in new knowledge. Let's all carry out our dialogues with each other with this in mind, using constructive emotions, honesty, and hard (but fair) rationality.

About Suave Guy

I have an interest in moral philosophy and understanding more about human beings, their experiences and behaviours. I use this knowledge around these areas to interpret various ideas, events and incidents in a way that I consider is fair, compassionate, and interesting.

I enjoy travelling to cool and interesting places, eating and drinking at various nice cafes, restaurants and bars, I enjoy the night scene, women and like talking about relationships and inter-gender dynamics, and I like capturing the best of life. You may see these topics and other inspirations pop up in this space here.

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You can reach me at: theguy [at]

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